Escape Artist

Hmm. Deep. Confident. Naive.

I think that is perhaps the adversary’s greatest ruse. To give us the hope that we can escape on our own. Without knowing that we need the One who is the Key to Life.

Isaiah 22:22 (NKJV)
22 The key of the house of David
I will lay on his shoulder;
So he shall open, and no one shall shut;
And he shall shut, and no one shall open.

A friend of mine wrote this. And I really like it. 🙂

The Kraken's Wake

Manifestations of manipulation

A simple lock and key

Entangled in contemplation

Zealous to be free

Trapped, locked up tight in satanic devices

Taking God-given desires, shifting them to vices

But an escape artist am I

Slippery, silent and slick

No knot I can’t untie

No lock I cannot pick

Pinned, bound up fast in your misinterpretation

Trying to find my freedom from the exclusive alienation

Contortions of body, heart and mind

Flexing, bending my way loose

The exit not so hard to find

When you already know the ruse


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And The Winners Are!!! “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Awards Go To…

Woohoo! I didn’t think I’d place but I did! Thanks Len at for prompting me to try an entry! Thanks to all of the judges: Lorna Terri Cobbie Quill Kirsty and DarkJade ! You guys are Awesome. And a double thanks to DarkJade for hosting. 🙂
I had a blast.
Glory be to God!

Legendary Post

Sean-Connery-Highlander2And The Winners Are!!! “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Awards Go To…

First of all, I’d like to take a moment to Thank All of Our Participants for Submitting Your Entries

Our Judges were Very Pleased with what they Read

Secondly, I’d Like to Thank All of our Judges

Our Judges

Lorna @ Lorna’s Voice

Terrii @ Brautigan’s Girl

Quill @ Quill Wielder

Cobbie @ Restawyle

Kirsty @ La Plume Noire

DarkJade @ Here & The Written Word


And Now For The Winners!!!

Best Character Goes To – Entry #8 Crimson Legacy by Len Weatherly  @ The Kraken’s Wake

Best CharacterCongratulations Len!! You May Place Your Award Proudly On Your Blog!!

Most Imaginative Goes To – Entry #10 by Isaiah Silkwood

Most ImaginativeCongratulations Isaiah!! You May Place Your Award Proudly On Your Blog or Site if you have one!!

Most Magical Goes To –Entry #7 A Thin Layer…

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2/3’s The Votes/Rankings Are In – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”… Results To Be Announced April 11th

Attention Readers We Need Your Help! – “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Reader’s Choice Award

Any Readers out there? 🙂

Legendary Post

Reader's ChoiceAttention Readers We Need Your Help! “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Reader’s Choice Award

There are different ways that I determine the Winner of the Reader’s Choice Award

One of the ways is to CLICK THOSE “LIKE” BUTTONS!

Comments Are Also Considered

Now be fair, don’t go Creating Accounts just so you can Click “Like” for your own multiple times, lol (I.P. Addresses will give you away, lol)

“Likes” From People with Their Own Blogs will weigh heavier in my decision as well

But, I do recommend you telling your Followers to come check out all of the Entries which are Below

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Entry #9

Entry #10


That is all


*The Other Four Categories, “Most Magical”…

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Entry #10 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Writing Contest

Hey everyone. Here’s my entry to Legendary Post’s Tell Us Your Elven Story Writing Contest! Get over there and read all of the entries and vote for your favorite. If you’ve got time for some good stories that is. 🙂

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By Isaiah Silkwood

You lean back against the wall, your favorite scotch in your wrinkled hand. It has been changed over the years, as everything in your favorite tavern has. The floor doesn’t squeak as loudly as it used to. The twisted wall panels are covered with fancy wallpaper. Even the patrons have changed. No longer is this the loud tavern that you used to sweep of broken glass at night. Now this place is filled with the low murmur of the rich. It is for vendors to sate their thirst or to drown their sorrows in the truth of their not so opulent realities. So is life. It all has a way of changing. You take another sip–you used to take swallows–of the cool scotch. Carbonated. That’s the word the barkeep had used. He’d said he was just trying it out to see if the patrons liked it. You…

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Tell Us Your Elven Story… Legendary Post Elven Story Writing Contest

Hey everyone!
It’s too late for you to scramble together anything for this contest. But I just submitted my story here. It was a lot of fun and I crammed for it. It’s 11:36. 24 more minutes and I’d have missed the deadline. 🙂

Legendary Post

magic-alpha-elvisharchers 2Tell Us Your Elven Story… Legendary Post Elven Story Writing Contest

It has been too long since we have done a Writing Contest

And so…


1) Stories Must Be Elf Related

2) Stories May Be No More Than 1,000 Words

3) Stories Must Be Turned In By March 31st

4) Stories Will Be Judged April 1st-10th

5) Winners Will Be Announced April 11th

6) Judges (Here)

7) All Stories Will Be Posted On This Blog As They Are Received

8) Winners Shall Receive Badges Which Can Be Placed On Their Blogs For All To See (Badges Here)

9) Blog Writers ‘Are’ Allowed To Participate If They Wish (Other Than Me)

*As more is determined, I shall let all of you know and Update This Post*


The Time Is Now To Begin Stirring Your Senses

Muster The Magic From Within

Unweave An…

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The Land of Delphia; Dwarves vs. Therians: What’s More Awesome Guest Blogger!

What’s More Awesome: Dwarves vs. Therians in the Land of Delphia

You Decide!

From Isaiah: Hello everyone! Yes, I’ve been gone a long time and I’ve got some new news on my book. But first I have a very special announcement to make…My first ever Guest Blogger, Len Weatherly, will be doing this and the next blog with me! I’m very excited to get to introduce you to the world of Delphia and Len’s blog the Kraken’s Wake. Or as it is also known I am now thoroughly hooked into his world and I just hope he gets his books published soon. I can’t wait. There is an awesome world to explore on Len’s blog so please go check it out. Today’s blog and the next will focus on the Dwarves and the Therians. Only two of the several well-rounded races in Delphia. Take it away Len! Tell us What’s More Awesome!

From Len: For many years my head has been filling with this magical realm I have named Delphia. The characters were locked away in the dungeons of my mind, until my wife chose to free them. Trinh has been the greatest inspiration for me in this endeavor, and I couldn’t have done any of this without her. I hope that my son, Ari, grows to know and love these characters and the world that I have created. Ultimately, the stories are for them. However, we have made the choice to allow all of you a glimpse into Delphia. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Dwarves: Dwarves are the unyielding defenders of Delphia. They are as solid as the stones in which they reside. There toughness and tenacity are known in every corner of the world. In times of need, the dwarves of Dundersnuff can be counted on defend what is right.

My site has this to say about the dwarven race –
  • Dwarf – a short and stout race standing around 4 ½ feet tall and weighing as much as a grown human. They are known for their teamwork and dedication. Most dwarves have long beards, and it is considered shameful for a dwarf to be clean shaven. Gladstone is the dwarf king.
Dwarven magic is ancient and strong. Generally, this magic is drawn from ancestors who have passed. This magic allows the ancients to heal and protect. This connection to the deceased has a darker side as well, though. Some dwarves become masters of the dead, raising them up from their resting places and beckoning them to do their bidding. These dwarves are not necessarily evil, but the society tends to shy away from such magic wielders.
Generally, most dwarves just work hard and fight harder. It should not be hard to determine when reading my work, that I am a huge fan of dwarves.

Therians: There is a disease called therianthropy that causes creatures of any race to become infused with an animal spirit. This disease causes violent and painful transformations to occur within the creature. Everyone knows about the werewolf, for these creatures are common; but there are actually any number of creatures assuming forms of almost every animal.

According to my site –
  • Therian – a creature affected by a disease which allows them to change forms into that of animals. There are two different types of therians; those who are born with the disease, and those who are affected later in life by contact with another therian. The therians who are born are called “true” therians. Jericho is the therian king.
These creatures have an uncanny ability to quickly heal from any wounds that are not magical in nature or caused by silver. This makes them very tough, and hard to kill. Their beastial nature generally makes them more prone to fits of violence, and impetuous behavior. The animal form of a therian is actually determined by the host of the disease. A large and hairy giant would more likely become a mammoth than a mouse, and so on.
Who do we think will win?
Isaiah: My favorite race in Delphia is definitely the Therians. I’ve liked werewolves for a long time(remember the hybrid form is the cool form of a werewolf. Two leg walkers, cool. Not the full wolf form, four legged werewolves) and adding more possible hybrid forms, from wereporcupines like Attilla, to wererinos like Kwan, well it just makes the whole thing more Awesome!
Len: As much as I have enjoyed writing about the therians (and I take great pride in them), I have to say that I think dwarves are more Awesome. I know, I know; a parent shouldn’t pick favorites (but we all do). My favorite dwarf in Delphia is Ballack Gladstone. Also, check out Slanter
You Decide: What do you think? Are Dwarves more awesome than Therians? If you were a Therian what would you be? If you were a Dwarf would you be a magic wielding Paladin? Or a hardy fighter? Do you want to know more about Delphia? Well get over there and check out Len’s blog. And while your there tell him he’s got an Awesome story and he should publish it soon.

Dwarves vs Therians: What’s More Awesome?

You Decide!

P.S. Len not only has a gift for writing but he draws too. Needless to say his sketches are the ones featured above. Check out the rest of them here at

P.P.S. Book News! Of Pirates and Werewolves has now had it’s third and final edit completed. The cover is nearly done. We’re just looking over fonts for the title and I’m working on the back cover description. Things are getting More AWESOME! Thanks for your interest. If you’d like to know more just leave me a comment.

The Versatile Blogger Award

What’s More Awesome: Awards vs. Awarding

The Versatile Blogger Award on What's More Awesome!

The Versatile Blogger Award on What’s More Awesome!

You Decide!

Awarded: Wow. What an honor. Here I was minding my own blogging business when out of no where Robertson Writes, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I am very grateful and wow how cool! Or should I say Awesome!

Following the rules of this award, I will tell you some things about myself and nominate other bloggers. I will attempt to nominate some new blogs that I have recently connected with to spread the love. It is St. Valentine’s day of honor is it not?

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to the The Versatile Blogger Award site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Seven (7) things about me:

1. When I started blogging it was drudgery because it was means to an end. Now I find I like Blogging a lot more than I thought I would. I just had to find the form of blogging that I enjoyed and look at it as an end in itself. Not a means.

2. Sometimes I want to just abandon the internet entirely and every notification that comes with it. But then I find that I can still have pancakes without having the guilt of eating gluten or flour! So I forgive the internet.

3. I like action figures and have for a long time. I think using my imagination is important.

4. Whenever possible I love taking time away from all that has to do with modern living and going for a camping or hunting trip. With my family of course and a book.

5. Though sometimes I let my State {what is happening around me, either good or bad} influence my opinion of my Standing. I know my Standing is sure. My Standing is that I am a child of the Most High God. And I am accepted by Him because of what Jesus, His son, has done for me. Not because of my own merit.

6. I love medieval things. In example: weapons, foods, castles, histories, Age of Empires…

7. I’ve got some chickens that attack me and I still pick them up and pet them. And I have a miniature Hereford/red Angus cross. She likes to have her hair done.

Awarding: My nominees are:

1 Angela Ruth Strong          2 Author Lisa Phillips                    3 Author Ray                              4 Christian Mom Book Review

5 Doctor Who From the Start                              6 Don Charisma                    7 ESV Skyrim          8 Henry Landis

9 Lost Rebel Archives          10 Nick Illustrates                    11 Not a Free Country                              12 Olive Loft

13  Sci-Fi Horror Fantasy                              14   The Dreamers Adventures                    15 Widget Words

Enjoy your nominations my friends. And keep being Awesome! Thanks for being a part of my blogging community. 🙂 Don’t forget to spread the Love!

Man vs. Machine: Epic Duel!

Epic Duels: Man vs. Machine.

You Decide!



Man: I’m not perfect. But then again, I smile with contempt, I’m not a machine. I’m Gus Manson. I look over the sandy rise at my big partner who is approaching the eleven foot electric fence of Power Plant 9. My partner is John “Mach” Smith, short for his hard earned title “The Machine.” I count down the seconds on my wrist band, keeping a close eye on Mach and the infrared camera above the fence. At 00hr.05min.16sec.32ns since the start of our mission, Mach arrives at the fence. Right on time. I swear the man carries a clock in his head. I take a steady breath, waiting for the camera to swing past the “sweet spot.” At I break from the cover of the sandy rise. That’s a second sooner than I should have moved but I’m counting on my cooling suit to keep me from detection. Like I said before, I’m not perfect. But me and Mach have been through hell together. And we’ve survived because we ain’t perfect. I pass through the “sweet spot” and carry on directly for Mach. The gap between us closes. I shove off with my right boot and plant my left boot in Mach’s interlocked fingers. I don’t call him “The Machine” for nothing. My palms instinctively reach out and tap Mach’s shoulders for balance as he hurtles me head first over the fence. I realize this isn’t the best tactic. But no pain no gain right? I hit the ground in a role, taking the brunt of the impact on my left shoulder. The sand is soft, but not that soft. I force myself to my feet and sprint toward the small relay box and a twinge of pain arcs across my shoulder blade to my spine. Mach remains in the “sweet spot,” scanning the night sky for signs of the Sentinel patrol. Continue reading

Man vs. Machine: What’s More Awesome

What’s More Awesome: Man vs. Machine

You Decide!

The Future: Every time a year passes we move closer to a world where Robots stand side by side with Humans. Every year Science Fiction becomes Science Fact. How long will it be before we have Machines waiting on us like servants? How long will it be before we become slaves to technology? Or worse yet, are destroyed by it? Let’s find out What’s More Awesome: Man or Machine! Continue reading