Star Trek V.S. Star Wars: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More awesome? Star Trek or Star Wars? You decide!

Until then I’ll give my opinion. I like Star Wars best. If Star Trek and Star Wars were music I would describe Star Trek as being classical music while Star Wars would be more like rock and roll. However, I would just as soon listen to classical music as rock.

Star Wars has always caught my imagination because of the multiple alien species in it. I like that idea of meeting Wookies, Ewoks, Rodians, Hutts, and other interesting specimens. However I do not devalue the amazing Vulcan race. I love the idea of purely logical beings. Spock is one of my favorite characters of the original Star Trek series.

All in all, Original movies V.S. Original series, Star Wars is the winner for me.

That’s what I think, what about you? Am I right? Or am I wrong? You decide!

Please comment. I can’t have any fun without you.

P.S. I would also like suggestions to make this blog better.  Thanks.


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