Star Trek Original Series vs Star Trek The Motion Picture: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More awesome? Star Trek: The Original Series or Star Trek: The Motion Picture? You Decide!

Until then here’s what I think: I am of the undecided position.

            When I was younger and got bored I would often watch Star Trek: The Original Series on television. (When they re-aired it of course. I’m only twenty.) There were episodes that I liked and thought were very funny, and there were episodes that I thought were rather stupid. Rarely did I actually find an intense episode, but some were exciting.

            Then comes the opening of My Video Store in Emmett. As a family we decided to watch the Star Trek films. Up comes Star Trek: The Motion Picture on our television. I must admit without actually seeing the original series I would not have been able to catch all of the rich humor or enjoy any of the dazzling new special effects.

However I must make a note on the scene in which Kirk and Scotty are taking a shuttlecraft up to the newly renovated Enterprise for the first time. This scene was drug out way too long. When it started I’m like, “Hey cool an awesome scene of the Enterprise accompanied by awesome music.” And then I thought, “This is getting boring.” During this scene my whole family was able to get up, use the restroom, and get a drink. Then my brother started fast-forwarding the VHS and we still had time to get a snack and all get comfortable once again. I am guessing they spent 15 minutes on just that scene. But I don’t know because we fast-forwarded until they actually made it into the ship.

And so in conclusion I enjoyed The Motion Picture better than The Original Series because I watched it with my family and we all got some good laughs in.

That’s what I think, what about you? Am I right? Or am I wrong? You decide!

Please comment. I can’t have any fun without you.

P.S. I always welcome suggestions to make this blog better. Thanks.


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