Star Wars vs Marvel: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More Awesome? Star Wars VS Marvel. You Decide!

Until then here’s My Outlook: Star Wars takes the cake.

My Reasoning: I grew up with Star Wars far before I liked super heroes.

If you could be any of the characters in either universe what would you choose? I like the idea of being a Jedi over a super hero. Why? Let’s take a count of Jedi Force powers. Jedi can sense danger before it arrives (Marvel Equivalent: SpidySense). Jedi can move objects telekinetically (ME: Jean Grey AKA the Phoenix, and Magneto). Jedi can sense the future (ME: I’m at a loss. I think Psylocke can. Not sure). Jedi can heal themselves of certain wounds that any normal human would need medical attention for through a healing trance (ME: Wolverine. Admittedly his is much cooler). Jedi can leap great distances and run very quickly by enhancing their muscle strength through the Force (ME: This applies to a lot of superheroes. I mean what super hero isn’t stronger than a normal man). Jedi can influence the weak minded and also read others minds given the right conditions (ME: Charles Xavier).

Essentially a Jedi is a multitude of superheroes rolled into one. Would a Jedi be able to defeat any of the Marvel Characters? Let’s leave that up to you.

Finally: Who doesn’t like lightsabers?

What are your thoughts? Which Universe is your favorite? And which universe has a better future under the helm of Disney? You Decide!


4 thoughts on “Star Wars vs Marvel: What’s More Awesome?

  1. Well, I’d have to say superheroes because (believe it or not) I have not seen All of the Star Wars (gasp!).

    I like superheroes that make sense (at least to me) like Captain America and Thor. I mean, I know they are new movies and Star Wars has been around for a long time, and Hans Solo and Luke are pretty cool admittantly, superheroes are just what I am more familiar with. Spider-Man, well, he’s kind of a sad statement of what people come up with. He’s a man in a unitard with spiderwebs that shoot out of his wrists. Come on. Now the movies were okay, I admit (and for some reason the new one is really popular). But if I were to come up with a superhero, he would seriously rain down fire and lighting bolts and completely desecrate all the evil villains in one quick ¡flash! So yeah. That’s my view.

    Thor is the god of thunder I was just talking about… So…

    Superheroes rock!!! Oh yeah!!!


  2. Awesome. Thor is very cool. There is a lot more to Star Wars than just the movies. There are also some awesome books. Did you know a Jedi can influence the weather? They can’t call down lightning bolts accurately, but in one book they used the Force to make it rain.

    I do like Thor though. He’s one of my favorite action figures. (Yes I still play with action figures)

    Spiderman is pretty cool in my mind. My brother and I actually liked the first three movies. I don’t know what everyone disliked about them. But then of course we didn’t follow the comic books about him before we watched the movies.

    Thanks for the comment!

    • Well I know, I haven’t read the books either. All to say I not that familiar with Star Wars.

      Yes, the first 3 Spider man movies were good, although the third one wasn’t the best… In my opinion…

      Thor is awesome. 😀

  3. I would have to say marvel are the best. but I am a marvel nut so maybe you shouldn’t trust me (hehehe) 😉😊 But great post I really like it! 😁

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