Beast Wars vs. Transformers: What’s More Awesome!

What’s More Awesome? Beast Wars vs. Transformers. You Decide!

What do I think? Alright. I know that these are both from the same universe. But Beast Wars Rocks!

 For those of you who don’t know, Beast Wars Transformers was a series that came out September 16, 1996. I didn’t watch the series until the episodes were re-airing daily. The series was about the future of Autobot and Decepticon kind. After the end of the Great War, the Autobots and Decepticons had peace. Then came the Great Upgrade from Autobot to Maximal and from Decepticon to Predacon.

Optimus Primal, a descendant of Optimus Prime leads a team of Maximals in a chase after Megatron (not the original) and his Predacons. They all end up on a strange planet that looks a lot like a prehistoric earth. Some of the most awesome battles and adventures ever created for television are in this series. For the year that these were made the CGI was really exceptional.

Unfortunately I have never had the privilege of watching Transformers G1. So this comparison is between Beast Wars and the most recent Transformer movies. Lets run a few comparisons through.

Transforming: Okay, between the two different types of transformations I would definitely vote for the Transformers. They have so many more gears and moving parts. The detail put into each transformation is incredible. The catch phrase, “Autobots, Roll Out.” is totally awesome as well. In Beast Wars each character must issue a voice command to their onboard computer to initiate the transformation. In Optimus’ case he would say, “Optimus, Maximize.” Predacons inversely say, “Terrorize.”

FireBlast: The Autobots and Decepticons also have this round. Considering they transform into cars, trucks, and tanks they are much bigger than their ancestors. The Maximals and Predacons transform into animals. So the size of the weapons that the Autobots carry compared to the Maximals is quite significant. We fans have never had the privilege of seeing the Autobots fight the Decepticons or the Predacons fight the Maximals. But I will say that Megatron from Beast Wars shot Optimus Prime in the face and nearly killed him. So if a fight was to break out, the odds wouldn’t lean too heavily on the original’s side.

Robots in Disguise: So what really makes the Transformers universe cool? Other than the fact that the main characters are robots. Well they are able to transform into a alternate form. For the Autobots and Decepticons my favorite characters are the Decepticon helicopter and Star Scream the jet. Star Scream’s character is my favorite in the series. His ability to come out of every engagement still alive and intact is a true testimony to his cowardice. I like that in a Con. As for the Maximals and Predacons, I like Cheetor first and formost. He turns from bot to cheetah and is the fastest character in season one. A little immature but he grows his maturity. Dinobot the velociraptor is the most noble and conflicted character in the series. He is a warrior to the end.

So why does Beast Wars win after losing two rounds to Transformers? Because I’m prejudice. >:)

This Ends Here Magatron! So have any of you even heard of Beast Wars? How about Transformers G1? Do you have a favorite Autobot, Decepticon, Maximal, or Predacon? Any comments welcome!

Beast Wars vs. Transformers: What’s More Awesome?

You Decide!

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