Cyclopes vs. Werewolves: What’s More Awesome!

What’s More Awesome? Cyclopes vs. Werewolves. You Decide!

How I know it would go down: A single Cyclops against a single werewolf would yield the Cyclops coming out on top.

We both know that this depends a lot on the size of the Cyclops and how many werewolves there are. I mean most modern werewolves hunt in packs. Let us define some parameters.

 Cyclops: So how big do you think a Cyclops is? I’ve seen a couple that are about 30 feet tall. Take a look at some of the awesome art above to get an idea of what a cool Cyclops looks like. Contrary to most stories, Cyclops aren’t always loners. Often times they will live several years alone until they reach maturity. Then they seek out a spouse. When the mate is found they spend the rest of their lives together. Their offspring are often kicked out of the cave (Cyclops always live in caves) by the father at age 20 years. It is not uncommon for siblings to stick together for a time until they fully mature. A mature Cyclops is around 70 or 80 years old.

Werewolf: So how tall does your werewolf stand? Let’s define a werewolf quickly: A man that changes into a wolfman, often during a full moon. His wolfman form walks on 2 legs, has a lot of hair, and quite often has a wolf’s head. Now that that is taken care of we don’t have to worry about sissy werewolves who look just like real wolves and walk on all fours. Even if a four leg walker is the size of an elephant, it doesn’t mean its an authentic werewolf. A werewolf is a man and wolf combination.

Okay I think most werewolves change in height when they transform. An average werewolf would not uncommonly be found at 6 feet to 7 feet tall. Most werewolves hunt in packs. Just like men and wolves, they are most efficient when hunting in groups and often more violent. There is the occasional lone wolf who can under certain conditions be more motivated than a pack and can be quite deadly all on its own.

Cyclops versus Werewolf: Okay one on one the Cyclops is going to win. Though the werewolf may have an impressive healing factor, especially beneath a full moon, one correct blow from the mighty Cyclops and the neck of the werewolf can be broke. Then it would be temporarily at the mercy of the Cyclops’ cloven hooves. Or its massive club.

Though the Cyclops may win it would definitely come away wounded. Werewolves are fast, no one questions this. They have razor sharp claws and powerful jaws. If the werewolf is fast enough it could easily launch itself onto the Cyclops’ body and really dig in. In doing so, however, it would open itself up to a powerful sweeping blow from the Cyclops (like you would brush a spider off of your arm) or endanger itself by revealing its back to a crushing hand. The best chance would be for the werewolf to reach the Cyclops’ throat or eye. Then it wouldn’t have so much muscle and thick skin to get through before it reached the Cyclops’ vitals.

Cyclopes versus Werewolves: A pack of werewolves consists of at least 5 lycanthrope or more. Cyclopes will rarely travel in groups of more than 2. In this encounter I think the werewolves would triumph and celebrate their victory by a loud howl in unison that would rattle your chest from half a mile away.

The Cyclopes would be able to defend each other and aid each other. But they are often not very smart unless they are the helpers of Hephaestus. Being unintelligent they would probably forget that the other is in need of aid and focus on their own problems. By the time the other cries out for help it would be too late.

The best chance a couple of Cyclops would have is to stand back to back and guard their eyes well.

 How would your battle go down? Would the werewolves win? The Cyclops? And what do you think a good werewolf or Cyclops looks like? Please do comment. You might just have fun. 🙂

Cyclops vs. Werewolves: What’s More Awesome?

You Decide!

P.S. Special thanks to all of the Deviant artists who so graciously let me use their art in my blog. I mean where would this blog be without something cool to look at?







11 thoughts on “Cyclopes vs. Werewolves: What’s More Awesome!

  1. Werewolves are far more awesome, in my opinion. I am working on a novel which features an array of werecreatures (werebadgers,wereboars,wereotters,etc… I call them therians) If you are interested in what my the size and basics of my therians, you can click the Lexicon or Character Sketches (Lord Cunningham is a werewolf, King Jericho is a werelion)

  2. That’s cool. So your werecreatures, are they human most of the time and then turn into the beast/man like werewolves? Werelions those sound really cool. I liked your wererino as well. Very cool.

    • The true therians (werecreatures) can shift their shape at will, and since they were born with the affliction, their bodies are made for the transformation. There is no pain in the shift for true therians. Some choose to stay in “human” form more often, and some prefer the hybrid state.
      Created therians have far less control. They shift once a month, when the moon hits the phase in which they received the disease. Also, they change forms when they get angry (you won’t like me when I’m angry) Every time a created therian shifts forms, it is extremely painful. This is because they were not made to change.
      Hope that makes sense to you.

  3. Despite the limitations I’ll go with Cyclops. Mostly because they tend to gigantic and I’m thinking even a one eyed giant monster can take out a wild, slobbering man-dog.

    • Indeed. Cyclops are my favorite. Slobbering man-dogs have some awesome traits but the legends of the Cyclops intrigue me more. And I love anything that wields a club.

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