Vampires vs.Werewolves: Epic Duel!

Epic Duels: Vampires vs. Werewolves.

Lady Vampires vs Werewolves by c-crain

Lady Vampires vs Werewolves by c-crain

You Decide!

A New Feature: Hello everyone. I’ll try and keep this brief. I am adding a new feature to my blog. This feature includes an awesome battle between the two sides I pitted against one another in the last post. I hope it entertains you. Without further ado I give you the Epic Duel: Vampires vs. Werewolves…

The Vampire: The full moon rises high in the black sky. The meadow, nestled against a cliff, deep in the woods is silent. The Werewolf bears its fangs, a low earthly growl ripples from its throat. The Vampire smiles. She knows she is more than a match for the brutish wolf. It has been terrorizing her small town for the past week and causing quite an uproar. Its actions have caused the locals to start asking questions. Questions that have ruined her fun. Worst of all, she doesn’t know where it came from.

She blinks and the beast is upon her. Its death bearing mouth snaps shut above her shoulder where her head had been a microsecond before. The long sharp claws come in low. She notices it too late. The Vampire leaps backward finding her side cut and bleeding.

The Werewolf hasn’t stopped. Its launches itself forward. The Vampire is ready. She brings her knee up hard beneath the Werewolf’s jaw and rolls with the tackle. Her back hits the ground and she plants her heels square in the stunned Werewolf’s chest. It flies over top of her and lands in the deep grass. The Vampire is up in a flash and heading for the cliff. Her ears pick up the sound of the wolf on her heals. He is now running on all fours. He is fast. But she’s faster.

She reaches the cliff and runs up its slope, leaping backward off of its face. The Werewolf passes beneath her as she sails to a poised landing behind the brute. The Werewolf plants its feet and turns, rage glimmering in its eye. The Vampire pauses just long enough for him to realize she’d beaten him. The rage changes to fear. She kicks him in the face and slams her forearms into the back of his head, driving his ugly face into the granite cliff face.

The Vampire doesn’t know where this Werewolf has come from. But she is ready to put an end to the worthless brute. She pulls the silver knife from her jacket. She brings it above her head to strike…

The Werewolf: The Werewolf watches the Vampire’s graceful arc in frustration. If only he could bite this demon. If only he could keep her from destroying his brother. From drawing his brother into her trap of death. From draining his sibling’s life away in futility. But he is too late. He sees the glint of silver beneath her jacket. He feels the solid heel of her boot strike his temple.

Activating the curse in his bloodline had been pointless. He had not only failed his brother but his whole family. His whole pack.

The Werewolf feels his face grind against the granite. He feels the pain. He hears the whisk of a blade through the air. And now, a voice.

“Poor pup. Who’d have thought that the twin sibling of my favorite plaything had the wolf curse in his veins.”

She had recognized it. But how?

“You both have the same birth mark on the nape of your neck.” She leans close, continuing to pin his neck against the cliff. The cold point of the knife presses against the discolored fur on his neck. The Vampire’s voice is like spider’s silk in his ear. With the promise of death waiting at the end. “Because of you little boy, your brother will be the second one tonight to get his birth mark removed with this blade.”


The Werewolf shoves its head backward, feeling the cold blade sink into its neck, and feeling its skull collide with the Vampire’s. She stumbles back leaving the blade tingling in the Werewolf’s neck.

No. He will not let his brother die. He feels his right arm going numb. And the Vampire has already recovered. His life is forfeit. But so is hers. He launches forward again, slashing upward with his left arm. She knocks it down and he snaps for her incoming foot. She is fast and her shin collides with his forhead. He throws himself back with the inertia of her blow.

She thinks he is weakening. But he is buying time. Buying space. He is now against the cliff again. He looks to the moon and howls. Long and wretched.

The Vampire smiles again as she did before the fight started. But it is the Werewolf’s time for glory. Even though he can feel his whole body begin to tremble, he hears the footsteps of his pack…

The Vampire looks up. Her pale face becomes like ash. At the top of the cliff, silhouetted by the moon, is the Werewolf’s pack…

The Catch: As a sort of test to see if you all like the Epic Duels feature in my blog I am inviting you, my friends, to participate in the Epic Duel and decide the outcome of the battle. So who do you think should win? If I get at least 5 votes total as to who should win by 12/13/13 I’ll write up an Epic outcome. If not, the ending will fade into the mists of sadness and inconclusion. Thanks all. And keep being Awesome!

P. S. An Extra Special thanks to c-crain for letting me use this image for this Epic Duels post. Doesn’t it fit just perfectly with the story?

P. P. S. Just a note to all young viewers. Deviant Art is a cool website for art but make sure you have your parent’s permission before checking it out. It often contains risqué artwork that should be avoided. Best bet, just enjoy the images here. 😉

P. P. P. S. More book news, I finished approving the first round of edits. The manuscript is back to the publisher for a second round of edits. I forgot last week to include a link to the publisher’s website. Here it is:


3 thoughts on “Vampires vs.Werewolves: Epic Duel!

  1. Sadly everyone we didn’t get enough votes to finish the story. 😦 But never fear. If I get five votes at any time in the future that will merit an ending. Because I want to finish it even if you don’t. So vote!

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