Hunger Games vs. Twilight: What’s More Awseome

What’s More Awseome: Hunger Games vs. Twilight

You Decide!

Why? There are two movie/book phenomena have swept the nation in the last few years. These are the Twilight Saga and the Hunger Games Trilogy. I have one reason for bringing these two fandoms together… We’re going to find out which is more Awesome!

Hunger Games’ Strengths: The story involves teenagers killing each other for our entertainment. We as readers are treated to being just like the Capitol. We love the violence and seeing the forced romance unfold between Katniss and Peeta(Makes one pause to think, we as readers hate the capitol so much but we’re just like them). Tasty foods are described in the book. That’s always a plus. Medieval weapons such as swords, bows and arrows, clubs, knives, spears, and tridents also add to the Awesomeness of this series.

Twilight Strengths: It’s about vampires and werewolves. That’s an immediate plus. It’s the second best romance I’ve ever watched. (Let’s keep in mind I haven’t watched very many romances. It beat out My Big Fat Greek Wedding but lost miserably to Letters to Juliet) And…. Sadly, I am unable to think of anything else good to say about the Twilight series.

Hunger Games Weaknesses: Things get disgusting in the book when Gilmer gets stung by the Tracker jackers and starts oozing puss but that is forgivable. Other faults include the cornucopia is the wrong color in the movie and Peeta’s hands didn’t get cut on a vase in the movie.

Twilight Weaknesses: Remember the strength of having vampires and werewolves in Twilight? Well it works against itself when you hardly see a vampire suck blood through a two hour show, the vampire sparkles in the sun, and they don’t have fangs. It’s also bad when werewolves walk on 4 legs. This fault is slightly redeemed when we find that the werewolves are the size of small elephants, but only slightly. A werewolf has to walk on 2 legs to be cool. If you watch the movie and count how many times Bella sighs or makes some breathy noise you will come up with something close to 42. If you like that its a plus. But to the rest of us it gets really annoying. I could keep going but I’ll stop there.

Action:  Well, Twilight doesn’t even get any action until New Moon so Hunger Games pretty much takes this.

Romance: Both Twilight and the Hunger Games introduce love triangles. Bella’s love triangle is pretty much her fault because she can’t choose who she wants to marry. She can choose Edward Cullen, a sparkling vampire who professes his love for her and then abandons her to a ripped werewolf, only to return a year later expecting things to go back to the way they were. Or she can chose Jacob Black, the ripped werewolf. Katniss’ love triangle is not her fault. She’s forced to love Peeta Melark to survive the games and is watched by the Capitol which expects her to stay in love with Peeta. Or she can choose Gale Hawthorne, her childhood friend and hunting partner. But if she does choose him the Capitol will kill her family. Either way, both men are good choices. Over all, however, I’ll say Twilight wins. It is after all a romance.

Comedy: I really don’t see much comedy in either series. Unless of course you’re going with how much comedy the fans, or non-fans, of the series are able to derive from the films after they are produced. In this case Twilight again wins because there is way more material to make fun of in Twilight than there is in Hunger Games. But some YouTube channels do Hunger Games justice as well. Like, How Twilight and Hunger Games Should Have Ended.

Which Series is Most Awesome? It is really quite simple. The Hunger Games is actually a cool and enjoyable read. The movie was mediocre but in a whole this phenomenon rocks. I didn’t read more than two pages of the Twilight books and I don’t intend to read more. The movies were great to watch and make fun of with my family. But I mainly watched them so I could watch the YouTube videos about them afterward. So there you have it. And if your still not convinced lets look at how much each film did in the box office. Twilight made: $392,616,625 total. Hunger Games made: $691,247,768 total.

You Decide! So there you have it. My opinion on What’s More Awesome: Hunger Games vs. Twilight. What’s your opinion? Which book did you like best? Which film? Do you want to slap me in the face for dissing Twilight? Go ahead. Which world would you rather live in? A world where vampires sparkle in the sun? Or a world where children kill each other as punishment for their ancestor’s actions?

Hunger Games vs. Twilight: What’s More Awesome?

You Decide!

P.S. Special thanks to Deviant Artist Tribalchick101, for the creative twist on the love triangles and the visual for it. Be sure to check out the rest of her art on Deviant Art. It rocks. Some of the detail, like the water on The Realm: Mythic just amazed me.

P.P.S. Just a note to all young viewers. Deviant Art is a cool website for art but make sure you have your parent’s permission before checking it out. It often contains risqué artwork that should be avoided. Best bet, just enjoy the images here. ;)

P.P.P.S. Book News! My book, Of Pirates and Werewolves, is still set to release Spring 2014. Subscribe to keep updated. I’ve finished approving the first round of edits and my editor has finished the second round. A possible change in title is proposed but nothing is concrete yet. Things are getting More AWESOME! Thanks for your interest. If you want to hear more just leave me a comment. :)


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