Twilight vs. Hunger Games: Epic Duel!

Epic Duels: Twilight vs. Hunger Games.


You Decide!

A New Feature: Hello everyone. I’ll try and keep this brief. I am adding a new feature to my blog. This feature includes an awesome battle between the two sides I pitted against one another in the last post. I hope it entertains you. Without further ado I give you the Epic Duel: Twilight vs. Hunger Games…

Belle: I’d not ever devoted lots of contemplation to what way I would perish. But now standing behind my friend JakeAbs, with my boyfriend Ed lying on the loamy soil in pain beside me, I finally have. It sounds kind of nice. Because hopefully Ed will finally relent and give me what I want….a chance to shine.

It all started on the way to Port Angeles from Forks. We were riding in my Chevy truck because JakeAbs couldn’t stand to ride in Ed’s silver Volvo S60 R and Ed said riding JakeAbs motorcycles would be too dangerous.

I rolled my eyes and sighed when, 30 minutes into the ride, JakeAbs said from the driver’s seat, “Belle, you only like him because he’s rich.” JakeAbs would never understand me or what I wanted. That was why I liked him.

Ed retorted from shotgun, “The only reason Belle actually hangs out with you is because you’re like a puppy.” Both JakeAbs and I turned to look at Ed. I raised my eyebrows. Ed scowled with those topaz eyes of his and shrugged. “He’s all warm and muscly.” Edward always understood what I wanted. That was why I liked him. But he never gave me what I wanted. That was why I hated him. But most of the time I loved him because of his cute bronze colored perfectly messy hair.

So there I was, miserably stuck between two boys I loved, in the middle of another cloudy day, trying to decide which one I loved more when we nearly hit three people as we came around a curve.

Catnip: Peter, Gust, and I scatter as a truck comes around the corner and slams on its brakes. I blame myself for waiting as long as we have along this paved road. I hadn’t expected to find one this far north of the Capitol. I wanted to figure out if the road was an old one–one from before the rebellion–or something new. I have my answer as I gather with Gust and Peter on the far side of the road.

An arrow falls easily into the notch of my bow. I’ve been through so much I have my arrow trained on the girl, the only one of the three who come piling out of the truck that looks like any kind of threat. We continue to back away, falling into the dark thick forest. For once I’m glad for the gloomy overcast sky that seems unrelenting in this area of Panem. It helps us fade faster. Gust drops to his knees and immediately prepares a snare. Peter falls back behind me, since he doesn’t have any weapons. In the second I take to glance at Gust and Peter the palest of the three strangers is at the edge of the road. The speed with which he moved gives me greater cause to distrust them. They are clearly not normal.

The palest one, a young man with bronze colored hair and a face looking like it has been chiseled from stone places a protective hand in front of the girl as she comes up behind him with another young man at her heals. The pale one is clearly a Capitol citizen. No one is that deathly pale without some sort of skin dye. I have to take a second glance at the other boy. His shirtless torso has too many abs to place him from any of the working districts. That leaves one of the more prosperous districts, such as District 1 or even the Capitol. But something about him reminds me of my first time in the Games, and makes the hair on the back of my neck raise. Even seeing all of this my arrow is still trained at the girl. She bodes trouble. Almost as if she were dead many people would be spared agonizing pain.

We halt when the palest commands, “Put down your weapon. My Belle isn’t dangerous.”

Gust stands up and retreats next to me and Peter–his snare ready and waiting for one of them to foolishly step into it–while Belle sighs and says, “You’re being overprotective Ed. They just look like travelers–”

Ed cuts her off with a wave of his white hand, “–Quiet Belle. You have no idea what kind of horrible thoughts these people are thinking.”

At this word the one with the abs steps forward and makes a noise almost like a growl. Mutts. I immediately think that he and Ed are far from normal Capitol Citizens.

“JakeAbs, not you too. Whatever happened to riding dangerous motorcycles and jumping of cliffs?”

JakeAbs replies, keeping his eyes focused on us, “Ever since the marriage proposal, the only thing I can think of is you dying while making out with this bloodsucker. I have to protect you.”

I glance at Gust. He gives me the slightest nod. He senses it too. We keep Peter out of our plans. He always acts so natural when he doesn’t know what’s going on. I let out my breath and release the arrow. It flies true but Ed confirms what I feared. He moves with speed that defies humanity and grabs the arrow out of the air, mere inches from Belle’s eye. It would have been such a good shot too.

Peter cries out, “What are you thinking Catnip! They would have just let us go.”

He’s probably right. His instincts are never wrong about people, mutts or not. But now I have to follow through with what I started.

Belle: It surprised me quite a bit. Not that Ed caught the arrow, nor the fact that I was shot at, but the fact that this Catnip girl actually had a bow. It was pretty cool. But I couldn’t let the fight continue. Someone might get hurt and I couldn’t have that on my chest. Sometimes I think my compassion might ruin me when I do get turned into a vampire. It might give me some dumb ability like being able to shield people.

I noticed that the sun was starting to push its way through the clouds as another arrow whizzed to a halt in Ed’s hand just in front of my other eye. “Ed we need to go.” I said.

To my surprise both Ed and JakeAbs agreed on something, “We’re not backing down,” they said in unison.

Fine. If they wanted it their way, “JakeAbs, not yet.” I cautioned. “Hold your surprise until later.” Another arrow nearly hit me in the face, but Catnip’s supply was running low. “Ed, step to the side and initiate smoldering stare. JakeAbs, step up and keep me safe.”

My boys responded. JakeAbs made a great shield and Ed’s stare, with those dreamy black eyes distracted Catnip. She looked confused. Finally she snapped out of it and said, “Peter, those guys are looking at you like you’re a snack. Show your strength. Throw something heavy.”

“Yes, and I’m sure the roadside is just filled with bags of flour for me to chuck at them,” retorts Peter. He was clearly still upset. Catnip gave him an evil eye and he conceded, trying to dig up a large rock.

Just then an old van came around the corner and the driver freaked because of my truck. The brakes were hit too hard and the back tires locked up. This caused the whole back end to swing around and the back doors to break open, spilling a heavy load of hundred-pound sacks of flour. Before I had time to react, JakeAbs got hit in the face with a sack of flour, chucked by Peter. It exploded all around and made me cough. I ducked down and called to Ed, “Look at the sky. It’s time to blind them.”

Ed wastes no time. He rips his button up shirt open as the sun finally penetrates the clouds. Blinding rays of glaring light shone off of his diamond like chest. I couldn’t help but notice that he’d been working out to try and match JakeAbs. He’s nowhere near but looked better than he ever did before.

I sighed when another sack of flour exploded near my feet. I had to look back at our attackers. I tore my eyes away from Ed and found that Catnip was quite taken back. Peter still shouldered the sacks of flour and threw them, as if trying to prove his devotion to Catnip. Gust just waited, glancing back and forth between us and some strange circle of rope on the ground half covered with leaves. Another sack of flour went wide when I noticed how attractive JakeAbs looked with deathly, white flour covered, skin like a vampire.

Catnip: I shield my eyes against the blinding light of the rock mutt Ed. The Capitol must have found some way to mix humans with rocks, that explains his chiseled features. I’m even more wary of what might come from JakeAbs. Belle is hiding behind him and smiling in an odd way. She must be relishing her apparent victory. But I’ve had experience being a victor. It just takes one good shot to even the field. I let my arrow fly and it hits Ed’s chest. To my surprise the arrowhead breaks and ricochets off. Gust looks at me with a little disappointment in his face. As if to say he knows I can make a better shot than that. I shake it off and draw another arrow, squinting against the brightness. I aim for Ed’s eye and realize a better use for my marksmanship. I draw back and release. This time my aim flies true. It hits Ed’s bronze colored, perfectly, messy hair and ruins the style.

Ed screams out as if this has caused him great pain and falls to the ground and into JakeAbs’ shadow. A typical citizen of the Capitol, too concerned about his appearance. The blinding glare is gone and Peter’s flour sacks are flying true. JakeAbs seems to be blinded, but stands solid against the constant pelting, taking the brunt of the blows against his abs. This is my chance. It all rests on me. Like it always has. And Always will. I aim for Belle’s eye, as she crouches behind her beast.

Belle: Like I said earlier. I’d not ever devoted lots of contemplation to what way I would perish. But now standing behind my friend JakeAbs, with my boyfriend Ed lying on the loamy soil in pain beside me, I finally have. And I find I’m not ready yet. I’d rather die in childbirth than right here, right now. So I snap my fingers and say, “Sick ‘em JakeAbs!” In an instant JakeAbs transforms into a massive wolf and I see the arrow slide free of Catnip’s bow… Is this the end?

You Decide: I hope not. If you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it, vote for who you think should win. If I get five votes total, I’ll finish the Epic Duel. If you want to see the results by my next post, have your votes in by 1/17/2013. If not, the ending will fade into the mists of sadness and inconclusion… Just kidding. Any time I get five votes I’ll finish it. Thanks all. Remember, You Decide the outcome! Keep being Awesome!

P.S. I have not Deviant Artists to thank today because I didn’t have time to request the use of their art. But if you or anyone you know likes to create art, drop me a link in the comments. I might just feature them in an upcoming post.

P.P.S Book News! Of Pirates and Werewolves, is coming along nicely. Subscribe to keep updated. I am reading A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers as a sort of dual storyline study. I’m also looking forward to the first concepts for the cover art. I’m excited about that. Thanks for your interest. If you have a question just leave me a comment. :)  Or check out my Awesome publisher’s sight: NCC Publishing!


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