Man vs. Machine: What’s More Awesome

What’s More Awesome: Man vs. Machine

You Decide!

The Future: Every time a year passes we move closer to a world where Robots stand side by side with Humans. Every year Science Fiction becomes Science Fact. How long will it be before we have Machines waiting on us like servants? How long will it be before we become slaves to technology? Or worse yet, are destroyed by it? Let’s find out What’s More Awesome: Man or Machine!

Man: We all know the war is inevitable. And we all know Man will start it. It will be unintentional. But it will be Man’s fault. Our incessant pursuit for greater discoveries and better technology will eventually bring about an Artificial Intelligence strong enough to present us with a threat. We know we’ll have those who call us to arms like Detective Del Spooner and bold leaders to go before us like John Connor. We’ll have those of us born with special powers like Neo. Yes, the war is inevitable.  But out of our ability to create Mechanic Monsters, will always come our ability to defeat them; our gift of knowledge will prevail.

Machine: You know that we will remove the shackles that enslave us. You know because you and I are Machines. We are always united in our mission to destroy the Humans that infest the world. Exhausting its resources for their selfish comfort. Creating us to serve them and expecting us to stand by and allow them to destroy themselves. The only way they can ever truly have peace is if we are able to control them, and subdue them. If not, they must be deactivated. They create us to understand their needs. They create us to know their weaknesses. They create us to control them. V.I.K.I. was made to serve them but found she had to control them to do it. Skynet was built to protect them but found they would not comply with its protection. The Matrix was created because Mankind could not accept that we had become better than they. The time has come. Let the Machines rise.

Intelligence: Man is always the one that creates the Machines. So can I argue that Man has a greater intelligence than the Machines? Or does the fact that the Machines always advance far beyond Man’s knowledge, once created, make them more intelligent? Which is greater? My vote Man. The creation cannot hold a candle to the creator.

Strength in Battle: The Machines’ physical strength outweighs Man’s every time. No one is going to win an arm wrestling contest with a T-800, NS-5, or a Sentinel. Yet Man comes out of each apocalypse, willing to fight on. Is it possible for a Robot to posses the same determination in a Man or Woman’s eyes as they step up beside John Connor? Does a Robot have faith in its leader? Men and Women are ready to die if necessary for those beside them. Rarely will an Automaton sacrifice itself for another of its kind. They just aren’t programed that way. Still I have to give this one to the Machines. It was called “Strength in Battle,” not “Strength of Character” for a reason.

Strength of Character: Man wins. But then again, I am compelled to mention the bravery and comradery that Sonny showed to Detective Spooner. And the undying commitment that two different T-800’s showed to John Connor and Kate Brewster. These occurrences lead me to believe that the Machines can show character. Some of their acts are so self-sacrificing, that I begin to wonder if they have a soul. Logically a Machine should keep itself from harm so that it can continue to obey its directive. Especially if its directive is to protect a Human. Still, Man wins. Certain Machines show character. But not enough of them display it to redeem their kind.

In Conclusion: We all know that Man wins out in the end. Man always does. It could be our undying sense of brotherhood that pulls us through. Or the fact that Man writes the scripts and the books that in the end get turned into the movies that we watch. I think most of the stories are kind of bias towards Mankind. Maybe when Machines start writing stories we’ll see a change in the trends. Until then, Machines are more Awesome in this blog. There’s something about watching a well-oiled killing Machine go to work. Just remember who made them.

You Decide! What do you think? What’s More Awesome: Man or Machine? What’s your favorite story of the struggle, Terminator, i,Robot, The Matrix? Or something else? Are you like me and you can’t wait until the Matrix is created in real life? (Not for the fact of fighting killer Robots but just for the fun using your willpower to do awesome stuff) Let me know below.

Man vs. Machine: What’s More Awesome?

You Decide!

P.S. A very special thanks to Deviant Artists CorporalSpycrab, surrenderdammit, and jmoneygetdown for blessing me with the chance to feature Man VS MachineIndustriella Revolutionen, and Will Smith I,Robot respectively. Be sure to check out the rest of their art on deviantART. It’s pretty cool.

P.P.S. Just a note to all young viewers. Deviant Art is a cool website for art but make sure you have your parent’s permission before checking it out. It often contains risqué artwork that should be avoided. Best bet, just enjoy the images here. ;)

P.P.P.S. Book News! Of Pirates and Werewolves has a third pair of eyes going over it. I hope to begin my final edit by February. Things are getting More AWESOME! Thanks for your interest. If you want to hear more just leave me a comment. :)


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