The Land of Delphia; Dwarves vs. Therians: What’s More Awesome Guest Blogger!

What’s More Awesome: Dwarves vs. Therians in the Land of Delphia

You Decide!

From Isaiah: Hello everyone! Yes, I’ve been gone a long time and I’ve got some new news on my book. But first I have a very special announcement to make…My first ever Guest Blogger, Len Weatherly, will be doing this and the next blog with me! I’m very excited to get to introduce you to the world of Delphia and Len’s blog the Kraken’s Wake. Or as it is also known I am now thoroughly hooked into his world and I just hope he gets his books published soon. I can’t wait. There is an awesome world to explore on Len’s blog so please go check it out. Today’s blog and the next will focus on the Dwarves and the Therians. Only two of the several well-rounded races in Delphia. Take it away Len! Tell us What’s More Awesome!

From Len: For many years my head has been filling with this magical realm I have named Delphia. The characters were locked away in the dungeons of my mind, until my wife chose to free them. Trinh has been the greatest inspiration for me in this endeavor, and I couldn’t have done any of this without her. I hope that my son, Ari, grows to know and love these characters and the world that I have created. Ultimately, the stories are for them. However, we have made the choice to allow all of you a glimpse into Delphia. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Dwarves: Dwarves are the unyielding defenders of Delphia. They are as solid as the stones in which they reside. There toughness and tenacity are known in every corner of the world. In times of need, the dwarves of Dundersnuff can be counted on defend what is right.

My site has this to say about the dwarven race –
  • Dwarf – a short and stout race standing around 4 ½ feet tall and weighing as much as a grown human. They are known for their teamwork and dedication. Most dwarves have long beards, and it is considered shameful for a dwarf to be clean shaven. Gladstone is the dwarf king.
Dwarven magic is ancient and strong. Generally, this magic is drawn from ancestors who have passed. This magic allows the ancients to heal and protect. This connection to the deceased has a darker side as well, though. Some dwarves become masters of the dead, raising them up from their resting places and beckoning them to do their bidding. These dwarves are not necessarily evil, but the society tends to shy away from such magic wielders.
Generally, most dwarves just work hard and fight harder. It should not be hard to determine when reading my work, that I am a huge fan of dwarves.

Therians: There is a disease called therianthropy that causes creatures of any race to become infused with an animal spirit. This disease causes violent and painful transformations to occur within the creature. Everyone knows about the werewolf, for these creatures are common; but there are actually any number of creatures assuming forms of almost every animal.

According to my site –
  • Therian – a creature affected by a disease which allows them to change forms into that of animals. There are two different types of therians; those who are born with the disease, and those who are affected later in life by contact with another therian. The therians who are born are called “true” therians. Jericho is the therian king.
These creatures have an uncanny ability to quickly heal from any wounds that are not magical in nature or caused by silver. This makes them very tough, and hard to kill. Their beastial nature generally makes them more prone to fits of violence, and impetuous behavior. The animal form of a therian is actually determined by the host of the disease. A large and hairy giant would more likely become a mammoth than a mouse, and so on.
Who do we think will win?
Isaiah: My favorite race in Delphia is definitely the Therians. I’ve liked werewolves for a long time(remember the hybrid form is the cool form of a werewolf. Two leg walkers, cool. Not the full wolf form, four legged werewolves) and adding more possible hybrid forms, from wereporcupines like Attilla, to wererinos like Kwan, well it just makes the whole thing more Awesome!
Len: As much as I have enjoyed writing about the therians (and I take great pride in them), I have to say that I think dwarves are more Awesome. I know, I know; a parent shouldn’t pick favorites (but we all do). My favorite dwarf in Delphia is Ballack Gladstone. Also, check out Slanter
You Decide: What do you think? Are Dwarves more awesome than Therians? If you were a Therian what would you be? If you were a Dwarf would you be a magic wielding Paladin? Or a hardy fighter? Do you want to know more about Delphia? Well get over there and check out Len’s blog. And while your there tell him he’s got an Awesome story and he should publish it soon.

Dwarves vs Therians: What’s More Awesome?

You Decide!

P.S. Len not only has a gift for writing but he draws too. Needless to say his sketches are the ones featured above. Check out the rest of them here at

P.P.S. Book News! Of Pirates and Werewolves has now had it’s third and final edit completed. The cover is nearly done. We’re just looking over fonts for the title and I’m working on the back cover description. Things are getting More AWESOME! Thanks for your interest. If you’d like to know more just leave me a comment.


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