Ballack Gladstone by Len Weatherly on What’s More Awesome: Dwarves vs. Therians in the Land of Delphia

Ballack Gladstone by Len Weatherly


Ballack Gladstone

Race – Dwarf

Height – 5’0″

Weight – 205

Hair Color – Black

Eye Color – Grey

Weapons – Warhammer

Armor – Plate Armor, emblazoned with a skull; Shield

Special Items – Being second to the throne in Dundersnuff has its benefits; Ballack has access to all kinds of minor magic items and potions.

Ballack is a dwarven prince, but he is also a warlock. A warlock is a creature who is attuned with death in an intimate fashion. They can keep death from finding other creatures, which manifests itself as powerful healing power. Ballack can also animate dead bodies, but only in a limited radius extending from him.

He is a magnificent leader in battle, although his demeanor seems crass when not in the throes of war. Ballack is nothing like either of his brothers. In fact, he is one of the most unique dwarves in all of Delphia. Two ghosts accompany Ballack in battle. One carries a banner bearing the symbol of Dundersnuff, while the other plays a large drum. Both of these seem to inspire any dwarf in the area.

Featured in : Battle at the Bridge
Quotable Quotes
The Gladstone Princes

Thanks Len. 🙂

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