Baron O’Bailey by Len Weatherly on What’s More Awesome: Dwarves vs. Therians in the Land of Delphia

Baron O’Bailey by Len Weatherly


Race – Dwarf (Therian)

Height – 4’8″ (5’1″)

Weight – 200 lbs (225 lbs)

Hair Color – Brown

Eye Color – Brown

Weapons – Natural – huge clawed hands, capable of digging through stone and flesh

Armor – Natural

Baron O’Bailey is a dwarven werebadger. He lives in Shadowmire with his family. Baron sits on the Council of Therian alongside the other elite therians. He is completely loyal to King Jericho. Baron lost three of his children during the Halfling War, and is no rush to go to war again. However, when war beats the doors of Shadowmire down, they will find the O’Bailey family ready to fight.

Baron helps out Tori Razorgore, the dwarf who runs the orphanage in Shadowmire. He brings her food and offers lodging she has too many kids to care for. However, Baron has a drinking problem. (Even worse than most dwarves) He is good friends with the half-elf, Master LePrius.

Featured in : Harpies

Thanks Len. 🙂

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