Master LePrius by Len Weatherly on What’s More Awesome: Dwarves vs. Therians in the Land of Delphia

Master LePrius by Len Weatherly


Master LePrius

Race – Half elf (Therian Fox)

Height – 6’3″ (6’1″)

Weight – 195 lbs (200 lbs)

Hair Color – Black

Eye Color – Green

LePrius is perhaps the wealthiest citizen of Shadowmire, yet no one knows how he got his fortune. In his half-elf form, LePrius is handsome and well kept. He keeps himself clean shaven and his hair freshly combed. The werefox wears fancy clothes and expensive jewelry, but is one of the kindest gentlemen one could hope to meet. He constantly helps anyone in need, and even seeks out good causes to spend his money on. LePrius is pragmatic in his rationale.

King Jericho asked LePrius to join him on the council, and he gladly accepted. For years LePrius had done studies on how the different races treated the animals that surrounded them. It was his belief that if the humans went unchecked, they would hunt several species into extinction.

Featured in : Harpies and The Lonely Tree

Thanks Len. 🙂

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