Entry #10 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Writing Contest

Hey everyone. Here’s my entry to Legendary Post’s Tell Us Your Elven Story Writing Contest! Get over there and read all of the entries and vote for your favorite. If you’ve got time for some good stories that is. 🙂

Legendary Post

By Isaiah Silkwood

You lean back against the wall, your favorite scotch in your wrinkled hand. It has been changed over the years, as everything in your favorite tavern has. The floor doesn’t squeak as loudly as it used to. The twisted wall panels are covered with fancy wallpaper. Even the patrons have changed. No longer is this the loud tavern that you used to sweep of broken glass at night. Now this place is filled with the low murmur of the rich. It is for vendors to sate their thirst or to drown their sorrows in the truth of their not so opulent realities. So is life. It all has a way of changing. You take another sip–you used to take swallows–of the cool scotch. Carbonated. That’s the word the barkeep had used. He’d said he was just trying it out to see if the patrons liked it. You…

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One thought on “Entry #10 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story” Writing Contest

  1. Your elven story is very good! well thought out and clever names, its difficult to come up with your own names. I’m writing a book, and naming the characters does not come easily to me! lol. You should keep going and turn it into a novel/novella! it would be pretty cool. 🙂
    Have a great day, ~Godgirls

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