What is What’s More Awesome All About?

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Hello. I am Isaiah T. Silkwood. This blog is about things that I think are totally Awesome! And hopefully you think that too.

How it works: I choose two things I think are Awesome and pit them against each other in an Awesome Versus match to the death!

You Decide: You get to come in and add your thoughts on how each versus would really go down! You Decide What’s More Awesome!

Deviant Art: Any time I can, I love to feature artists in my posts. I often search Deviant Art for great artists and request the use of their art in my post.  If you’re an artist (amazing skills not required) and would like to be featured in a post don’t hesitate to ask in any of the comment sections.

You’re More Awesome: If you have an Awesome idea for a What’s More Awesome Post let me know! Or post one yourself and leave me a link so I can go see it!

P.S.  The header is the picture of the book I am reading.


One thought on “What is What’s More Awesome All About?

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