Twilight vs. Hunger Games: Epic Duel!

Epic Duels: Twilight vs. Hunger Games.


You Decide!

A New Feature: Hello everyone. I’ll try and keep this brief. I am adding a new feature to my blog. This feature includes an awesome battle between the two sides I pitted against one another in the last post. I hope it entertains you. Without further ado I give you the Epic Duel: Twilight vs. Hunger Games…

Belle: I’d not ever devoted lots of contemplation to what way I would perish. But now standing behind my friend JakeAbs, with my boyfriend Ed lying on the loamy soil in pain beside me, I finally have. It sounds kind of nice. Because hopefully Ed will finally relent and give me what I want….a chance to shine.

It all started on the way to Port Angeles from Forks. We were riding in my Chevy truck because JakeAbs couldn’t stand to ride in Ed’s silver Volvo S60 R and Ed said riding JakeAbs motorcycles would be too dangerous.

I rolled my eyes and sighed when, 30 minutes into the ride, JakeAbs said from the driver’s seat, “Belle, you only like him because he’s rich.” JakeAbs would never understand me or what I wanted. That was why I liked him. Continue reading


Hunger Games vs. Twilight: What’s More Awseome

What’s More Awseome: Hunger Games vs. Twilight

You Decide!

Why? There are two movie/book phenomena have swept the nation in the last few years. These are the Twilight Saga and the Hunger Games Trilogy. I have one reason for bringing these two fandoms together… We’re going to find out which is more Awesome!

Hunger Games’ Strengths: The story involves teenagers killing each other for our entertainment. We as readers are treated to being just like the Capitol. We love the violence and seeing the forced romance unfold between Katniss and Peeta(Makes one pause to think, we as readers hate the capitol so much but we’re just like them). Tasty foods are described in the book. That’s always a plus. Medieval weapons such as swords, bows and arrows, clubs, knives, spears, and tridents also add to the Awesomeness of this series.

Twilight Strengths: It’s about vampires and werewolves. That’s an immediate plus. It’s the second best romance I’ve ever watched. (Let’s keep in mind I haven’t watched very many romances. It beat out My Big Fat Greek Wedding but lost miserably to Letters to Juliet) And…. Sadly, I am unable to think of anything else good to say about the Twilight series. Continue reading