Man vs. Machine: Epic Duel!

Epic Duels: Man vs. Machine.

You Decide!



Man: I’m not perfect. But then again, I smile with contempt, I’m not a machine. I’m Gus Manson. I look over the sandy rise at my big partner who is approaching the eleven foot electric fence of Power Plant 9. My partner is John “Mach” Smith, short for his hard earned title “The Machine.” I count down the seconds on my wrist band, keeping a close eye on Mach and the infrared camera above the fence. At 00hr.05min.16sec.32ns since the start of our mission, Mach arrives at the fence. Right on time. I swear the man carries a clock in his head. I take a steady breath, waiting for the camera to swing past the “sweet spot.” At I break from the cover of the sandy rise. That’s a second sooner than I should have moved but I’m counting on my cooling suit to keep me from detection. Like I said before, I’m not perfect. But me and Mach have been through hell together. And we’ve survived because we ain’t perfect. I pass through the “sweet spot” and carry on directly for Mach. The gap between us closes. I shove off with my right boot and plant my left boot in Mach’s interlocked fingers. I don’t call him “The Machine” for nothing. My palms instinctively reach out and tap Mach’s shoulders for balance as he hurtles me head first over the fence. I realize this isn’t the best tactic. But no pain no gain right? I hit the ground in a role, taking the brunt of the impact on my left shoulder. The sand is soft, but not that soft. I force myself to my feet and sprint toward the small relay box and a twinge of pain arcs across my shoulder blade to my spine. Mach remains in the “sweet spot,” scanning the night sky for signs of the Sentinel patrol. Continue reading


Star Trek Original Series vs Star Trek The Motion Picture: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More awesome? Star Trek: The Original Series or Star Trek: The Motion Picture? You Decide!

Until then here’s what I think: I am of the undecided position.

            When I was younger and got bored I would often watch Star Trek: The Original Series on television. (When they re-aired it of course. I’m only twenty.) There were episodes that I liked and thought were very funny, and there were episodes that I thought were rather stupid. Rarely did I actually find an intense episode, but some were exciting.

            Then comes the opening of My Video Store in Emmett. As a family we decided to watch the Star Trek films. Up comes Star Trek: The Motion Picture on our television. I must admit without actually seeing the original series I would not have been able to catch all of the rich humor or enjoy any of the dazzling new special effects.

However I must make a note on the scene in which Kirk and Scotty are taking a shuttlecraft up to the newly renovated Enterprise for the first time. Continue reading