Star Wars vs Marvel: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More Awesome? Star Wars VS Marvel. You Decide!

Until then here’s My Outlook: Star Wars takes the cake.

My Reasoning: I grew up with Star Wars far before I liked super heroes.

If you could be any of the characters in either universe what would you choose? I like the idea of being a Jedi over a super hero. Why? Let’s take a count of Jedi Force powers. Jedi can sense danger before it arrives (Marvel Equivalent: SpidySense). Jedi can move objects telekinetically (ME: Jean Grey AKA the Phoenix, and Magneto). Jedi can sense the future (ME: I’m at a loss. I think Psylocke can. Not sure). Jedi can heal themselves of certain wounds that any normal human would need medical attention for through a healing trance (ME: Wolverine. Admittedly his is much cooler). Jedi can leap great distances and run very quickly by enhancing their muscle strength through the Force (ME: This applies to a lot of superheroes. I mean what super hero isn’t stronger than a normal man). Jedi can influence the weak minded and also read others minds given the right conditions (ME: Charles Xavier).

Essentially a Jedi is a multitude of superheroes rolled into one. Would a Jedi be able to defeat any of the Marvel Characters? Let’s leave that up to you.

Finally: Who doesn’t like lightsabers?

What are your thoughts? Which Universe is your favorite? And which universe has a better future under the helm of Disney? You Decide!


Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI vs Star Wars Episodes I, II, III: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More awesome? Star Wars Episodes IV A New Hope, V The Empire Strikes Back, VI Return of the Jedi or Star Wars Episodes I The Phantom Menace, II The Attack of the Clones, III Revenge of the Sith? You Decide!

Until then I’ll give My Opinion: All Six movies are totally AWESOME!!

My Reasoning: I watched Episode I: The Phantom Menace first. So in my eye this was the start of the movies. I was too young to quite comprehend how someone could make the last three before the first three. Then I was blessed with the experience of being able to watch the last three films. They were very well done and showed honor and courage among comrades who fought for freedom. Continue reading

Star Trek V.S. Star Wars: What’s More Awesome?

What’s More awesome? Star Trek or Star Wars? You decide!

Until then I’ll give my opinion. I like Star Wars best. If Star Trek and Star Wars were music I would describe Star Trek as being classical music while Star Wars would be more like rock and roll. However, I would just as soon listen to classical music as rock.

Star Wars has always caught my imagination because of the multiple alien species in it. I like that idea of meeting Wookies, Ewoks, Rodians, Hutts, and other interesting specimens. However I do not devalue the amazing Vulcan race. I love the idea of purely logical beings. Spock is one of my favorite characters of the original Star Trek series. Continue reading