DC vs. Marvel: What’s More Awesome!

What’s More Awesome? DC VS Marvel. You Decide!

Until someone actually comments I’ll just have fun having my say. 🙂 : Marvel beats out DC.

My Reasoning: Marvel universe, general feel to the neophyte, sunny, fun, awesome! DC universe, general feel to the neophyte, dark, realistic, awesome.

My favorite characters in the DC universe include: Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and… Well my favorite characters in the Marvel universe include: Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Jean Grey(Phoenix), Cyclops, Spiderman, Doctor Doom, Magneto, Guardian, and I can’ think of any more right now. As you can see I am fairly biased when it comes to these things. 🙂

Without going too deep into the many different story arcs and characters of each universe, Marvel often seems more lighthearted. The writers most commonly try to include some form of humor in their work. DC, I think tries too hard to make their characters believable. Too hard to make their characters human. Their worlds come off dark and confusing to me.

So that is my idea. As for an all out battle between the heroes and villains in each universe we will turn to some awesome art. Special thanks to the Deviant artists: bennyfuentes, Julius Abrera, and taresh for letting me use their art. I appreciate it.

Finally: Do you have a favorite character in each universe? Right now I like Batman best in DC and Guardian best in Marvel.

What are your thoughts? Which Universe is your favorite?

You Decide!

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