What Are Epic Duels All About?

The Turtles after they destroyed the Death Star

The Turtles after they destroyed the Death Star

Hello. I am Isaiah T. Silkwood. This portion of the blog follows a post of What’s More Awesome with a fictional battle called Epic Duels! And you get to decide the outcome.

How it works: After a post, such as Hunger Games vs. Twilight, I create an epic confrontation that pits each faction against the other in a fictional battle! However, I leave the battle half done….

You Decide: You get to decide the outcome! I leave each Epic Duel open ended. You Decide which side should win by voting in the comments. After I get five votes, preferably in the first week after the Epic Duel, I will finish the Duel!

Deviant Art: Any time I can, I love to feature artists in my posts. I often search Deviant Art for great artists and request the use of their art in my post.  If you’re an artist (amazing skills not required) and would like to be featured in a post don’t hesitate to ask in any of the comment sections.

You’re Epic: If you have an Epic idea for an Epic Duels Post let me know! If you see one of my What’s More Awesome posts that doesn’t have an Epic Duel just put a request in the comments. And if you have an Epic Duel of your own, or something like it let me know. I’d love to see it!


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